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Collection, processing and storage of personal data in ELCOM-MD according to GDPR Regulation (EU) 2016/679




Main principle for personal data management in ELCOM-MD:



  • Рersonal data collecting and processing is legitimate and conscientious
  • Personal data is collected only for legitimate specific objectives, contracts execution and legal obligations.
  • Collected personal data is of minimum quantity, only the required for the purpose of processing
  • Collected personal data is correct and verified.
  • Collected personal data is stored no longer than necessary
  • ELCOM-MD keeps written documents for personal data processing



  • Personal data that is related to racial or ethnical origin; political, religious or philosophical beliefs; to membership in political parties and organizations with religious, philosophical, political objectives; to sexual life; to genetic and biometric data IS NOT collected, processed or stored.



Рersonal data collecting, processing and storage in ELCOM-MD is in complience with GDPR Regulation (EU) 2016/679.



Rights for the personal data subject:

  • Right to be informed
  • Right to access
  • Right to be forgotten