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Substations Middle Voltage up to 36kV

Prefabricated Substations Middle Voltage are facilities of the electric power system. They are designed to accept, transform and distribute electric power. They accept electricity from the electric network MV 10,20,35kV by cable or air inputs. According their functions substations are Transformer Substations MV/LV or Distribution Substations MV. They may realise additional functions regarding requirements and design project. 

Complete Substations are prefabricated in factory and have metal or concrete housings. Substations are transported to the construction sites by truck, then unloaded by crane and installed. Housings have separate rooms for equipment low voltage, middle voltage and transformer. Pefabricated Substations include distribution, monitoring and control devices. Transformer Prefabricated Substations include power transformers, up to 1000kVA each, up to 4 pcs according to design project. Substations include also busbar system, electric inputs, commutation and protection devices LV and MV. Prefabricated Substations have grounding/earthing system, lightning protection and fire protection systems. They include lighting, ventilation and air-control devices.
Additionally, Prefabricated Substations may include
-module for own consumption,
-module energy measurement,
-module reactive power compensation,
-automatic measurement, protection and control system, etc.