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Prefabricated Transformer Substation in Concrete Housing, Panel Type  BKTP-P

Prefabricated Transformer Substations are designed for distribution networks and industry. The housing is a panel reinforced-concrete structure, divided into compartments with walls. Metal doors are provided for service of the compartments. The variety of housings offers perfect solution for standard and non-standard power supply schemes. Prefabricated Transformer Substations may be combined as modules, which provide space for distribution units MV, non-standard solutions and multi-transformer substations..
Prefabricated Transformer Substations in Concrete Housing  Panel Type BKTP-P-1T and BKTP-P-2T are produced according to EU standard EN 62271-202; and Bulgarian technical regulations NaredbaNo3-UEUEL and  Naredba NoIз-1971.

BKTP-P 1Т 260/355 20(10)/0.4kV up to 1000kVA
Sample Single Line Diagram General View
БКТП-П панелен трансформаторен пост


BKTP P 2Т 260/550 20(10)kV / up to 2х1000kVA

Sample Single Line Diagram for 2-Transformer Substation General View 2-Transformer Substation

Бетонен комплектен двутрансформаторен пост
БКТП 2Т двутрансформаторна подстанция
Transformer Substation  20/0.4kV up to 3х100kVA - service from one side
Individual Project Design  - Transformer Substations 20(10)/0.4kV up to 5х1000kVA
тритрансформаторна подстанция 1000kVA
инверторна трансформаторна подстанция многотрансформаторна подстанция
ЕLCOM-МD - design, production and installation of electric power equipment middle voltage and low voltage