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Transformer Metal Switchboard MTT

Transformer Metal Switchboard is an alternative for mast Transformer Substations. It provides acceptance, transformation from MV to LV, and transmission in cable power lines LV of electric power up to 100kVA. The housing is metal or thermopanel. It is equipped with power transformer and distribution unit LV. 
It is 6-th category according to construction category regulations NaredbaNo1/2003.
МТТ 20/0,4kV up to 100kVA
Sample Single Line Diagram General View МТТ
МТТ метално трансформаторно табло 100kVA табло трансформатор МТТ 20/0.4kV 100kVAтрансформаторно табло
Measurement Metal Swichboard  MTМ

Measurement Metal Switchboard is used in cable networks where electric power is measured at Middle Voltage side. It provides protection of the measurement instruments from environment and unauthorised access. The housing is made from metal or thermopanels.


МТМ  20(10)kV  400A

Sample Single Line Diagram General View  МТМ

МТМ мерене 20kV мерене средно напрежение

МТМ измерване на ел.енергия


ЕLCOM-МD - design, production and installation of electric power equipment middle voltage and low voltage